Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

"The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced..." -Cicero. 106-43 B.C.

If you take Cicero's advice, you condemn yourself, your family, and the nation to a perpetual state of slavery without reward. Is life worth living without SUVs, heated swimming pools, and takeout sushi?

Of course, Cicero is dead (and) wrong. Also, he failed to make the grade with god who thinks different. (But we can forgive him, he was born before god!) The god promised that "meek shall inherit the earth." Time and again the promise is interpreted by the insightful correctly when they choose to live in "calculated poverty." We as Americans are certainly not the first who have discovered our lavish lifestyle in bleeding poverty.

Let us see. US per capita median income is $16000 (4-person family income is $63278, see (
US per capita average income is $32000. Our national debt is over $7 trillion, about $25000 per capita ( Over 40 percent of it owned by the weaker nations around the globe. Since these nations are bankrolling us, they must be rich! But for some weird reason they choose to live poor. (This is proof positive that they are genetically inferior animals.)

We are accumulating debt at a rate of about $2000 per capita per year. In 12 years, more than 50 percent of us will have a debt at least 3 times larger than our income. If we use average income, the picture is a bit rosy: it will take a lot longer, like 30 years before we owe 3 times more than the national income.

Before I proceed any further, let me paraphrase Ohmygod's Law of Improbability: Simply put, it states that human ability to believe goes to zero (0) as the level of exaggeration increases by a factor of three (3). The exact number is e=2.71... but that's another blog.

Applying it to the question at hand, it means our Lordship of Earth will continue its unparalleled rise unabated as we keep selling our treasury bills to increase our meekness. However, what happens when the Law of Improbability limit is reached and the creditor nations become skittish and begin to realize Americans are never going to meet their financial obligations? Do not think it cannot happen: Saddam's greatest sin was that he tried to sell his oil in Euros rather than dollars, and the Indians, financially astute as they are, are already refusing to buy more American treasury bills. When their urge to recoup is bigger than their fear of us, they will want to call in our debt in 12 years or 30. It will begin to disrupt our united front of calculated Christian meekness.

Will we accept this travesty? Will we disinherit the earth? A totally outlandish concept, if you ask me! We shall protect our meekness. We shall fight it with nukes and biochems. We shall send more of our young and stupid to wars. We shall conduct preemptive strikes on terrorist states like France and Spain. We shall re-institutionalize slavery. We shall make the church support the slavery like the good old days. We shall disfranchise the Euro and raid the De Beers diamond vaults to buy back our poverty. We shall keep the title of the meek and the Lordship of Earth. We love our SUVs.

"America ├╝ber alles"


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